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15 April 2014

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PPTA announces for training day On role of physiotherapy in rehabilitating the amputees In cooperation with ICRC and the artificial limb and poliomyelitis center - ALPC, where the outlines on that day will be:

-       Assessment of amputees

-       Role of physiotherapy in Pre-fitting the artificial limb.

-       Types of artificial limbs and fitting mechanisms.

-        Role of Physiotherapy in training the amputee in using the artificial limb in addition to the technical team during the training process.

-       Types and procedures of applying the orthosis.

Priorities in joining the training day is given to the following:

1-      Physiotherapy fresh gradutes.

2-      The physiotherapy workers at field of amputee rehabilitation.

3-      PPTA members whom possess vaild membership “2014”.

4- Physiotherapy Members of training committes in TaQaT youth fourm 


1-      The training is free.

2-      The training is for 1 day (8:30 am – 3:30 pm).

3-      Attendance certificate will be gives to participants.

4-      Expected date , 6/5/2014.  

For those whom interested to apply, please fill the following link where the deadline would be 24/4/2014

Registration from HERE