• Honorary membership 13 October 2014

    Honorary membership

    PPTA can award a honorary membership to non-physiotherapy specialties by  BoD decision..

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  • How to Apply for membership 12 October 2014

    How to Apply for membership

    For those interested to apply for PPTA membership, they have to complete the application along with following :  1-    An accredit copy of physiotherapy graduation certificate (it should stamped by original ..

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  • Why to join PPTA 12 October 2014

    Why to join PPTA

    Benefits of memberships: As long as PPTA consider as the representative body for the physiotherapy profession and its registered members at Gaza Palestine, its membership provides many preferences: 1-    The physiotherapy practitioners ..

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  • Membership Benefit 12 October 2014

    Membership Benefit

    Who can attach PPTA? The physiotherapy graduates whom are holding bachelor or diploma degrees in physiotherapy can join PPTA general assembly as member after submitting the following: 1-    An accredit copy of ..

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