PPTA Carry out awareness initiative on rights of PwD at couple of secondary school

29 March 2015

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In the light of developing and prompting the situation of disabled people in Gaza Strip, Palestinian Physiotherapy Association – southern governorates conducted awareness initiative in a number of governmental schools about rights of disabled people. The initiative aims to contribute in breaking community barriers between people with disability and other categories of the society. Thus, it targeted more than 600 students from four secondary schools in Gaza. During the initiative, many subjects were discussed, such as modern concepts of disability, how to deal with disabled persons, especially students, in addition to inclusion and methods of achieving it.


The idea of the initiative received great welcome from both teachers and students, as they expressed their sincere thanks to implement such step. They referred to the importance of the discussed topics, and stressed on the learnt new information and concepts related to disability.


On the other hand, school social workers talked about the significant of the initiative as it helps to increase integration of disabled people in schools. Furthermore, they recommended extending the range to include large number of schools.


The initiative came within PPA ongoing efforts to support disability issues and work on promoting the situation of disabled persons to fulfill their actual integration, besides contributing in establishing a community that ensures equality and justice for all.