PPTA in partnership with Islamic University has conducted scientific Day

02 April 2016

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Palestinian Physiotherapy Association in partnership with Islamic University has conducted scientific Day on (Sat. April 2, 2016) with full day hours, was appreciated by participation of physiotherapists, MOH, Academics, NGOs and INGOs, and those who are concerned...

It is as a result of  MOU between the PPTA-IUG to keep responsibility of physiotherapy component in Gaza.

Title of the day was "Physical Rehabilitation for people with Disabilities" (Back To Life) ..

Dr. Adel Awadallah (IUG manager)  ensures on importance of keeping in touch with updates in scientific field and how it affects capacity of those workers in Physiotherapy..

Dr. Osama Jum'aa "PPTA chairman" thanking IUG for its efforts in handling a better environment of physiotherapists and ensures how PPTA is aware of  capacity building of physiotherapists and how he clarifies this point by including top of physiotherpists graduated currently year to be in PPTA interest cycle of trainings and capacity building..

Scientific day was handled  into 2 sessions, the first one  was facilitated by(Ahmed Mussa-ICRC and Amany Mizhir-IUG) and  covered a variety of subjects with a  special focus on Physical rehabilitation role of physiotherapy which was represented by(Dr. Mohammed Krizim-IUG), followed by a Paper of "Role of physiotherapy in Emergency) which was represented by "Dr. Walid Hamdan-Nasir Hospital".

The second quarter of the first session was a paper with"Palliative care of Physiotherapy" with Dr. Ayman Halabi-MOH) , and session was ended with a presentation of (Dr. Mo'ab Al-Hanjory-PPTA) of "Rehabilitation of Injured Project 2014" in partnership with "GIZ"and ongoing second phase of project which is  an indicator of achievements and success in field, one of project outcome is a scientific paper which titled as "Role of physiotherapy in Emergency"

Second Session was facilitated by "Dr. Maher Al-Madhoun-Abdallah Hamadouna), it was presented with the Medical Relief (Mustafa Abed), title with "Disability  in Northern area", and followed by a scientific paper with(Dr. Suad Redwan" of"Rehabilitation Evaluation in Northern area"

Dr. Alia Al-keshawi presented a paper with"physiotherapy and Aging".

The last one was "Occupational therapy role of physical rehabilitation, with"Fouad Lozon"

To finalize with recommendation of physiotherapy scientific day was with"Dr. Ahmed Al-Najjar" PPTA Executive Manger..

Algerian –Palestinian Initiative was supported scientific day, which keeps harmony and fruitful outcome of being   in details of physiotherapy in Gaza Strip...