PPTA Talented published Family training manual in Physiotherapy

16 April 2016

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As a following of  its effort to serve  physiotherapists  and care for the injured and people with disabilities  in Palestinian society, Palestinian Physiotherapy Association within the closing period  of the project of "Rehabilitation of Gaza injured- 2014" - the second phase , it has published during April 2016, Physiotherapy Family Training manual with 500 copies  ,which ensures the sustainability goals of the project with the injured  and PWD .


Family training manual is the subjective tool  with  the training of the beneficiaries and their caregivers how to practice physiotherapy exercises to ensure the improvement of  quality of their lives as individuals..


 At the same time it is  the sustainability of the knowledgeable scientific resource for community and core of Physiotherapy.


Project  physiotherapists have trained injured and disabled  on how to use the exercises contained in the professional techniques  that help them to lead an independent system of life.


Target of 110 cases of injured  and people with disabilities who are living in Gaza and Northern area were handed the copies, matching what mentioned that PPTA will distribute copies of  manuals  to governmental and rehabilitation centers in Gaza to let physiotherapists are aware of their service for those patients and be sure with gaining new scientific tool.



The innovative model of the manual was confirmed as talented in  Gaza Strip, with PPTA interest and connected with its  core aims  of capacity building of physiotherapists and  advocate for injured and disabled rights.


Family Training Manual has the most important components of  instructions necessary for dealing with Head injuries, amputations, fractures , Spinal cord injuries,  Burns and other injuries ..