PPTA talented publication a scientific paper "Role of physiotherapy in Emergency"

09 April 2016

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Sat.(April 9, 2016)

Palestinian Physiotherapy Association (Gaza center) has published a talented scientific paper entitled with “Role of Physiotherapy in Emergency" based on recommendation of  WCPT and ICRC to be dealt with  as Gaza  is considered a  conflict area,  it is  a component of "Rehabilitation of Gaza injured 2014-Second phase" project activities, matching PPTA  strategic core aims of raising awareness of physiotherapy importance in Palestinian community and capacity building of physiotherapists, advocate for injured and disabled rights of medical and protection ones…


The paper highlights the importance of  physiotherapy in Emergency role, as well as clarification of PPTA study of ensuring Physiotherapists beliefs and role to be reached and touched outside Gaza countries who matching the same experience and interested ones..

The last 3 aggressive wars on Gaza in the latest 6 years is the revealer of confirming role of services of physiotherapists and how those ones may reduce in complications of injury and disability range with medical service and dealing professionally with cases.


Another clarification of the paper was lack of practical role of physiotherapists in Gaza  in emergency conditions which needed activating a law  of physiotherapists rights of intervention during Emergency based on orientation and capacity building for which strengthen their role in Emergency and affects positively on injured and disability ones.


Points which mentioned as lack of a complete circle of physiotherapists  component is as a result also of siege, Israeli punishment, weakness of diagnosis tools and equipment in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, also not having a complete and qualified space for physiotherapists in hospitals to be moved into..

 What mentioned was clarified also in the paper to have a clear of evidence, channels how physiotherapy can be activated more in Palestinian community.


To be together in physiotherapy component  for PPTA, MOH, and decision makers needs a national platform for activating physiotherapists role in Emergency and experience  knowledge for a better handled service for injured and disability, as well as deep interest with capacity building with concentrated orientation of techniques how to deal in Emergency conditions, ..


The most noticeable and recommended  point was that  PPTA should have its opportunity in increasing its activities and programs with Palestinian community as it is the official body of physiotherapists which advocate for  their  rights matching more communication, coordination, donation for the sake of injured, disabilities, and community itself..