A visit of ICRC for PPTA

06 June 2016

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PPTA in Gaza center on June 6, 2016 by its representative Chairman(Dr. Osama Juma) (Dr. Mo'ab Al-Hanjory: PPTA secretariat) and (Dr. Ahmed Al-Najjar: PPTA executive manager) welcomed  ICRC  delegation represented by rehabilitation dep. Manager(Barbara ro) and physical rehabilitation officer(Greig Halfard) as well as Mrs. Saeda Barawi.

It was an opportunity to overview and be in depth  of PPTA achievements with in Palestinian community as rehabilitation channel, and how publication of scientific paper of Injured project "Role of physiotherapy in Emergency"   can be activated and intervene with policy to have a national platform of activating physiotherapy in Emergency conditions and settings.

Another point which was discussed also joining PPTA to world confederation of physiotherapy latest steps and how it may be agreed by concerned parties..