PPTA and Ministry of social affairs confirmed 7 job creation

05 June 2016

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Palestinian Physiotherapy Association and Ministry of social affairs  confirmed 7 job creation

Gaza June 5, 2016


Based on its vision to advocate for physiotherapists rights, livelihoods one was the indicator for confirmed seven job creation in cooperation with ministry of social affairs concerned as employee of community based rehabilitation program, what mentioned is oriented by training course to intervene them in working cycle and let them more aware of CBR component.

CBR meeting was conducted  in PPTA and was started by Mr. Ghassan Filfil (Rehabilitation dep. Officer in ministry of health)  and Dr. Ahmed Al-Najjar who  both ensured on social responsibility of organizations and importance of communication skills to ensure with outcomes which PPTA handover of follow up, monitoring and evaluation of field staff of the mentioned project .

Dr. Mussa Keshta facilitator of the meeting was clarified hierarchy rehabilitation which supported by Filfil signing to importance of field staff of believe of community based rehabilitation and to what extent could they be dependent on receiving professional service of those injured and disabled as outreach programs.