A seminar held by PPTA entitled with " physiotherapy for Breast Cancer"

22 October 2018

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As a part of it's activities of the World Physical Therapy  Day in coinciding with the Pink October PPTA held a seminar entitled with " physiotherapy for Breast Cancer" in the conference hall of the General Administration of Human Resources Development at MOH, where Dr. Osama Joma begin his speech about the new interventions of physical therapy mentioned the experience of safe delivery, physiotherapy in emergency departments experience and the pink team of PPTA, who worked in cooperation with the help and hope institution for the cancer patients care in more than a year with promising and positive results, as Thanks ICRC, institutions, and people who help in success of this day.

The lectures were varied including four different subjects, which divided into two sessions.

Dr.Wael Washah, Consultant of Surgery and Oncology, started the first lecture about the disease and its treatment methods and surgical interventions related to its stages, followed by studies on the importance of the physical therapy to reduce the symptoms and complications of the disease and reduce the chances of recurrence presented by Dr. Rabab Abu Salah Physiotherapist at Nasser Medical Complex.


Dr. Ghadir Al-Sultan started the second session, a physiotherapist and a member of the PPTA  presented the protocol and treatment plan according to stages of the disease.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Jamal delivered a lecture in which he expressed his happiness and appreciation for the union's interest in this subject and talked about the importance of mental health with cancer patients.

At the conclusion, the institutions and individuals supporting this activity were honored as well as the Preparatory team and the Scientific team of the Youth  Energy Forum of PPTA, which carried out awareness campaigns targeting hundreds of citizens from various social groups in civil society institutions, community centers, and sports clubs.