Capacity building program

13 October 2014

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The capacity building program consider as the main work component at PPTA since PPTA setup at 2006, where it aims to build up the capacity of targeted group in order to rise up their technical outputs in a way that maximize the benefit provided to their targeted groups.

PPTA had conducted more than 100 training courses since its startle and up to Jan 2013 to more than 500 disability practitioners,   

Program objectives:

1-    To acquaint the participants the necessary skills that maximize their technical outputs towards their targeted groups “PWD “.

2-    To reinforce the skills of PTs and PTAs at administrative field, computer skills, and so many other fields.

3-    Networking and exchanging the experience between the training participants in order to maximize the training output.

4-    To support the health care institutes at fields of physiotherapy skills and empower their capacity,

Targeted groups:

1-    PTs and PTAs.

2-    The PWD workers.

3-    To non – physical therapy technician whom are interested to support PWPD.

Program methodology:

1-    Conducting Needs assessment studies to build up training programs at different levels of technicians and health care institutes.

2-    Networking and coordination with other governmental and non-governmental bodies to better defining of real needs.

3-    Conducting training programs that serves the program goals. 

4-    Conducting evaluation post trainings and record lessons learnt.