Advocacy and networking

13 October 2014

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the advocacy program was build up to cope the needs of vulnerable targeted groups in a way that advocate their rights, by using strategies of networking and advocacy to ensure delivery of the rights of this group to decision makers, moreover, PPTA had conducted many activities that concluded by empowering the targeted groups to obtain their legal and social rights.

Program objectives:

1-    To assist the targeted groups to better defending their rights and network to cooperate all efforts to reach better results.

2-    To do Networking with local and international NGOs to consolidate the efforts.

3-    To highlight the real needs have targeted groups and address their needs.

4-    To work in defending social accountability concept towards among the community in cases related to health assistance.

Program methodology:

1-    Conducting needs assessment study.

2-    Problem and stakeholder analysis, and finding key persons,

3-    Networking.

4-    Conducting the advocacy campaigns among several levels.

5-    Evaluation of outcomes.