Stroke: Practical Management

04 ديسمبر 2014

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Stroke: Practical Management Hardcover – February 4, 2008
by Charles P. Warlow (Author), Jan van Gijn (Author), Martin S. Dennis (Author), Joanna M. Wardlaw (Author), John M. Bamford (Author), Graeme J. Hankey (Author), Peter A. G. Sandercock (Author), Gabriel Rinkel (Author), Peter Langhorne (Author), Cathie Sudlow (Author), Peter Rothwell (Author)

Completely updated edition, written by a close-knit author team * Presents a unique approach to stroke - integrated clinical management that weaves together causation, presentation, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation * Includes increased coverage of the statins due to clearer evidence of their effectiveness in preventing stroke * Features important new evidence on the preventive effect of lowering blood pressure * Contains a completely revised section on imaging * Covers new advances in interventional radiology

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